Capoeira Fighter

Fight against a friend in the traditional Brazilian fight-dance called Capoeira. Watch the flowing movements of the players and execute some amazing attack moves, Capoeira Fighter is a great Beat Em Up game with authentic Capoeira fighting techniques.

Click on the Show Moves game menu at the top of the play screen to check out the various moves.

Basic Controls:

Move Left = A Key
Move Right = D Key
Crouch = S Key
Jump = W Key
Punch 1 = G Key
Punch 2 = H Key
Kick 1 = V Key
Kick2 = B Key

Move Left = Left Arrow Key
Move Right = Right Arrow Key
Crouch = Down Arrow Key
Jump = Up Arrow Key
Punch 1 = Numpad 5
Punch 2 = Numpad 6
Kick 1 = Numpad 2
Kick2 = Numpad 3