Clown Killer 2

Shoot down the evil clowns and end their cruel bloodshed in your city, in this high action shoot em up.

This nice and addictive side scrolling shooting game is full with fun and excitement. Your battle is with Evil clowns who have captured the city streets for their killing intentions.Your aim is to bring this wave of blood to an end. By killing the front men of the evil clown army you will encounter the big boss. You must terminate him to bring back the life in your city. To achieve this mission successfully use all of your skills as the killer clowns are more dangerous due to their anger. Fight bravely to advance to the bonus rounds. Also dont forget to submit your score on the high score list.

MOVEMENT Controls:
W = walk up
S = walk down
A = walk left
D = walk right
ATTACK Controls:
K = shoot
J = dive/shoot left
L = dive/shoot right