Pac's Jungle Trip

Description: Pacman takes on a new adventurous journey through the jungle to fix broken down car!

Instructions: While driving down to a video game convention Pacman's car had come to a sudden halt when the tire suddenly burst. With no other options at hand Pacman goes into a nearby forest to look for a replacement and then begins yet another adventure of Pacman.

You have to help Pacman fix his car and reach the convention in time. During the quest, eat the energy pills as you move along. Move closer to the different items in the game to get a description about them but don't forget to avoid those classic enemies of Pacman. The Ghosts...

Collect the items you can and use them when prompted by Left Clicking on the inventory bar at the bottom. There are many hidden surprises in store for you. So get ready for a fascinating adventure.

Use the Arrow Keys to move Pacman around the jungle.