Rome Puzzle

Rome - the greatest, most known, legendariest city for all times. You have the rare chance to manage Ancient Rome, develop it and lead to greatness!

"Rome Puzzle" is the unique combination of a puzzle and city management; in this game you should solve weight of puzzles and develop settlement into the real heart of the ancient world. Start with purchasing of a fountain and a tavern, make a choice between a watermill and a blacksmith, earn money, construct larger buildings, and then... You can construct the Collosseum, erect the Pantheon and pass a way from the emerging leader up to Emperor.

Solve all puzzles of this game - and doors of the Olympus, a dwelling of gods will open.

Open for itself the world of caesars, the world of greatness of Ancient Rome, the world of blossoming and glory of empires!
Mouse point and click.

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